Friday, May 8, 2009

Starting the day with prayer makes all the difference in the world!

Today was a good day not nessasarily because something huge happened, but because there was just a good solid rythm to it. God given of course! Starting the day with prayer always helps, it doesn't matter that it may be really short like 7 min. it's something and it's what I can give right now. My Mother taught me the importance of prayer as a little girl. She was a single Mother and would drag my brother and I to prayer every morning for an hour before school and sometimes after school for another hour. She taught us how deserately we needed God. She taught us who God was and to have a real relationship with him. I told my Mom how frustrated I was about the lack of prayer time in my life now. She told me to do what I could and don't be so hard on myself. So for now with 4 under the age of 6 we pray for 7 min. we pray at bedtime and sometimes I pray in the shower. God is good and perhapse I can pray more, but for now I will pray at least for these times and stop looking for long uninterupted time so I can start!

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